Nora {Boulder, CO Newborn Photographer}

One of my favorite parts about being self employed are the unexpected phone calls I get that completely change my day. Friday I was at the library with my kids and received a request for a newborn photoshoot. Could I fit them in? Sure! When? How about today! Having my own kids has taught me that you have to remain flexible and if you do some pretty great stuff can come your way.

Meet Nora, she is pretty amazing.

I don’t bring a lot of newborn props because I want the images to be meaningful to the family. Mom had the idea to add the nut butters because Justin’s Nut Butter is their company. I love it (and the nut butter- seriously, if you haven’t tried them you are missing out)! The blanket Nora is sleeping on was her mom’s and so was that apple. I had one of those apples and loved it.