Project 366 – January

I completed my first month of my Project 366 and have to say, I am am pretty proud of myself. The goal of the project is to take at least one photo a day, preferably with my professional camera. I am using the project as a way to try new ideas, learn new techniques and see if I can discover new themes in my work emerging.

Looking at January it is pretty clear that I love black and white images with lots of contrast (no surprise there), freelensing (where you hold the lens off the body of your camera), and take a lot of pictures of my youngest two boys. In fact, I take so many pictures of them I started to question why. The first answer is that they are most available to me; no school, no daycare, just them and me at home all day, so there is more opportunity. The second reason I think is that my older kids are becoming more private and more aware of the camera. I want to respect their space and try and take authentic images of them, not just them hamming it up so I put the camera away. I have to be more like a photography ninja the older they get. February I have devoted to trying to find a space where I can document the time I have with my older kids while taking into consideration their growing need for privacy. Maybe it is not taking picture of them, but with them.

Here is my January, not in chronological¬†order because I didn’t have them time to figure that out! If you want to see them in order you should visit my album on my Facebook page.

Project 366 - January