Lincoln’s Six-Month Session, Longmont Colorado Photographer

Wasn’t I just watching you come into the world quickly and peacefully on a snowy morning? Here you are, crawling, and getting ready to brave the staircase. Your sister loves you and is ready to teach you so much. Your six month session was so much fun and I can’t believe I was there (and the gorgeous light) as you first attempted the stairs.

Six month sessions are part of my baby milestones packages and I appreciate that Lincoln had the good sense to hit a milestone when I was there!

Longmont_Colorado_Baby_Photographer_Crawling_Up_StairsLongmont_Colorado_Baby_Photographer_Crawling Longmont_Colorado_Baby_Photographer_Baby_Feet Longmont_Colorado_Baby_Photographer_Big_Sisgter Longmont_Colorado_Baby_Photographer_Breastfeeding_Six_Month_Old Longmont_Colorado_Baby_Photographer_Crawling_Up_Stairs Longmont_Colorado_Baby_Photographer_Crawling


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