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Why hire a professional photographer?
I remember my wedding day and thought that must be the most important day of my life, but it wasn’t – the birth of my son transformed me into who I am today, both personally and professionally. By hiring a professional birth photographer your partner will be free to experience the moment as it is happening, and not through the lens of a camera and they will actually be in the photos! Hiring a professional photographer that is very familiar with birth means that you will have your story documented, edited and presented with the professional quality you deserve.

Can’t my doula just take photos for me?
Yes, your doula can take snapshots for you. If you are looking for professional quality photographs that are skillfully captured using professional equipment and edited and presented in a way that highlights the beauty of your birth I would highly recommend you hire someone that has spent years perfecting their craft. If photographs are not a high priority for you, then having your doula, nurse or family member take snapshots for you may be the perfect option for you!

When do you arrive for the birth and how long will you stay?
We will talk about this during our prenatal visit in greater detail but basically you can expect me to come when you are in active labor. I know some women have their babies very fast (my daughter was born in two hours start to finish), if you know this is how your body works we will work out a plan that works best for you. On average, I stay one to two hours after the birth of your baby. If your baby needs medical assistance after they are born and I am unable to capture family bonding images, I will come back when your family is ready to document those moments.

How many birth photography sessions do you book per month?
Births are unpredictable because due dates are really a 5-week range. I typically book one or two births per month because of that unpredictability. My goal is not to be a high-volume birth photographer, but to provide my clients with a high-quality, unique experience with images and products that match.

What if I have a c-section?
If you have a c-section or have a scheduled c-section, you will receive beautiful photographs. Even if I am not allowed in the operating room, I will be there waiting as soon as you are in a postpartum room. Be sure to check your hospital’s policy on who is allowed in the OR.

Will I be able to show these pictures to not-so-close friends and relatives?
Each birth can be captured as modestly as you like. Some moms want only shots taken near her head while others want images of their baby crowning; it is completely up to you. If you aren’t sure I can put some in a file clearly marked so you can decide when and if you want to see those images.

What if I don’t make it in time for the birth?
If I don’t make it to your birth because of an emergency then I will come to your place of delivery and shoot a Brand NewBorn session if circumstances around your and your baby’s health allow. If I fail to make it to your birth because you do not call me then the fee will remain the same and I will come and shoot a Brand NewBorn session or a newborn session. You will also receive the name and phone number of another professional birth photographer that has agreed to be on-call for your birth. I have never missed a birth because I was unreachable or with another client!

When should I call you?
Call me as soon as you think something is happening. I understand false alarms happen and that is part of the birth and you should never feel silly about not knowing for sure. Call me, text me, email me – whatever works for you but keep me posted. A good rule is that anytime you call your doctor or midwife to see what they think you should also call me. I also like to receive updates from your prenatal appointments as we get closer.

Do you use a flash?
Each birth is completely different and it depends on what light is in the room. You would be surprised with the right gear how little light is needed to get a magical shot. The flash I use is bounced off a wall (usually to the side or behind me) and isn’t in your face the way pop-up flashes are on point and shoot cameras. Most moms do not even realize I am using a flash. We will discuss how you envision your birth and what works best for you. If I need to use a flash and I see it is disrupting your labor I will stop immediately and find a different solution.

What happens when we hire you as both our doula and photographer?
As your doula and photographer we will build a relationship that allows me to get to know you on a level that is not possible as just your photographer. We will spend A LOT of time talking about how you envision your birth, what you fear and ways that you will feel supported. Each doula (and photographer) works differently; as a doula I like to spend a lot of time working with your partner to empower and encourage them to play a very active role in your labor. A lot of the work I do as a doula, such as supporting, educating and empowering, happens outside the of delivery room. My goal as both doula and photographer is to be present and available without drawing attention to myself. If you still aren’t sure about having me act as both your doula and photographer please contact me so we can discuss your individual needs. I am very proud that these two aspects of my career can stand alone as separate services if requested. I am not a doula with a nice camera or a photographer that has read some birth books, a lot of time and energy has gone into my education and training in both fields. Client testimonials available upon request.

When is payment due?
A payment of 50% is due when you book your birth photography. The remainder is due two weeks prior to your estimated due date. If this is difficult for you let me know and we can work out a payment plan. I also offer my clients gift registries.

Will I receive all the images you take and will I get the digital images?
I will go through all the images I take and select the ones that best represent your birth story. All images will be available in black and white and color. Digital birth files come with all my packages.

What types of payment do you accept?
Cash, check, credit or Paypal are accepted. Gift registry is available.

Here is a list of interview questions that you may want to use when finding the perfect birth photographer for your birth!