My Last Birth Story

My Birth Story

If you follow my blog you know that I had complete placenta previa at 20 weeks. After a lot of waiting, hoping and positive thinking we found out that the previa had completely resolved and I no longer had to plan on a cesarean birth. It was a huge relief! The rest of my pregnancy carried on normally, something I am completely grateful for.

On Wednesday, February 11, 2015 I woke up around 2 am with stronger than normal contractions. I went upstairs, rested on the couch, texted with my friend and birth photographer Kim about how this “could be it.” I wasn’t sure because I had been waking up everyone night for the last two weeks thinking “this could be it.” only to have things slow down when it was time to get everyone up and ready.

I was dilated the week before to 6-7 and my awesome midwife checked me the Saturday before and gently encouraged me to wait some more and rest. I was frustrated, tired, and sore. To help ease the disappointment we went to Whole Foods and bought a ton of food.

Early Wednesday morning, when I was 38 weeks and two days I wasn’t having the classic textbook contractions and progression but felt in my heart that today was going to be the day. I called the on-call doctor to explain that the I was at least 7 cm dilated, have some back pain and stronger contractions but nothing regular – and that I was coming in because I have a history of quick labors.  The kind doctor sounded confused but said to come in and get checked out.

We drove into the hospital with my two older children, watching the beautiful sunrise. Kim met us there with bagels and snacks in hand. My midwife had office hours that day so I didn’t think she was going to be able to attend but was relieved when she came in and said she would make it work. By then I was 8 cm, still not feeling like I was in active labor and decided to wait a bit longer. At lunch I asked to have my membranes swept and went walking outside (yay Colorado in February) and around the hospital.

2015-03-13_0001Around two o’clock in the afternoon (I think, maybe it was three) I asked her to break my water. I expected things to pick up but they didn’t. Kala, the midwife, left the room so I wouldn’t feel like a watched pot and my favorite mom and baby nurse came over to say hello. About ten minutes of being alone I felt the need to push. My husband texted Kala to come back. I remember the sun streaming in on my face and arm feeling so great, and my oldest son (7) asking if I was okay with him watching the birth (such a gentleman).



I am not sure how many times I pushed but at 3:50 I felt my baby coming, looked down to my surprise to see this face! Kala said the baby was coming out anterior but spun around to be sunny side up. I pulled him on to my chest and felt a huge sense of relief, gratitude and a touch of sadness that this would be the last time I experience those sensations and emotions. A few moments later my son came over and told me it was a boy, “he had seen his privates when he came out,”  and my daughter helped cut the cord with Daddy’s help. I remember crying because he was here. Crying because it was the birth I almost didn’t have. Crying because I was overwhelmed.



2015-03-13_00062015-03-13_0007So many tiny details I want to remember…

The sunshine. I am sure it made photographing the birth tougher because of the shadows, but it felt so great.

How my kids looked both excited and concerned.

The way my husband looked at me.

My daughters loving touch through labor.

How my oldest son stayed with the baby during his newborn exam, holding his hand and talking to him.

Pulling my son to my chest.

The love and support of my family, midwife, and photographer/friend. I needed them all.

Weston William Boccolucci

 Born in the sunshine on February 11, 2015 – 3:50 p.m. – Seven Pounds – Nineteen and a Half Inches

People ask me, “How long was your labor?” and I am always hesitant when I answer. The truth is I am not sure. Like the birth of Leo, my progression started early and I never had that feeling of being in labor. I grew impatient waiting. I was worried I would make the “wrong choice” during the birth and maybe I should just wait a little longer. Those thoughts are torturous. Birth is tricky like that; there is no way to know what would have happened if you did something differently. In the end I had to put away the doubt and just listen to my heart that I would know when it was time.

Now we start on the journey of being a family of six!

Special thank you to Kim Rodgers of Brink Street Photography for capturing the birth of Weston!

2015-03-13_0008 2015-03-13_0009 2015-03-13_0010 2015-03-13_0011 2015-03-13_0012


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  1. Jeanette Morgan March 16, 2015 at 6:46 pm

    I LOVE IT! Tears for you and your beautiful family and existence.

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